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Taylors Alf’s Collection




  • Sarah Taylor

    Sarah Taylor (nee Sutton). Sarah had come to Australia at the age of two with her parents, Michael and Martha Sutton, from Lincolnshire in England. She married John Sutton, also an immigrant from Lincolnshire, and they had a farm in Bluchers Road, Rowville. When John became a cripple, Sarah – although a tiny person – took on all the heavy tasks that have to be done on a farm including slaughtering the animals and dressing the meat for the butchers she supplied in Prahran. She was a much loved person in Rowville and the dusty road that ran past their farm had its name changed from Bluchers Road to Taylors Lane in honour of her and her family. Sarah lived to be 92.
  • Alf Taylor on his tricycle

    Alf at his grandmother’s farm in Taylors Lane in about 1922.
  • Alfred Taylor as a young man

    Alfred was the son of John and Sarah Taylor who owned a farm in Bluchers Road, Rowville. The name of the road was later changed to Taylors Lane in their honour. Alfred died not long after his marriage, leaving a wife and a young son, also named Alfred.
  • Alf Taylor at Sunday School

    Alf (far right, front row) with his Sunday School class. This photo was taken in about 1925.
  • Alf Taylor with dogs and a chicken

    Alf at the home of his grandmother, Sarah Taylor, in Taylors Lane in about 1922.
  • Alf Taylor on a pony

    Taken about 1920 and probably at his grandmother’s farm in Taylors Lane.
  • Elva and Alf Taylor

    At their home in North Dandenong in 1990.
  • Alf Taylor

    Alf Taylor (left) with a fellow member of the bowling club.
  • Alf Taylor and Rowville Fire Brigade

    Alf at the 50th anniversary dinner of the Rowville Fire Brigade. He was a life member of the brigade and is wearing his long service badges.
  • John and Sarah Taylor

    John and Sarah Taylor (nee Sutton) farmed a 40 acre property in what was known in the early part of the 1900s as Bluchers Road. Later the name was changed to Taylors Lane in their honour.comments


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