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Bailey Collection


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  • The Masque Ball at Lysterfield in 1936
    The Masque Ball was held at the Lysterfield Progress Association Hall on 11 December,1936. We have a record of the names of only 15 of the people in the photograph Do you recognise anyone?comments Comments (0)
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  • The Bailey Family
    Herbert and Ethel Bailey photographed with their nine children in Melbourne in 1917 before Herbert embarked for England to fight in the Great War.comments Comments (0)
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  • Bailey Family
    Photo taken at their farm in Lysterfield in the 1930s.comments Comments (0)
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  • The Bailey Family 2
    The family photographed after Herbert’s return from the war. Herbert served with the engineers in France in some of the biggest battles of the closing stages of the war. He came through the fighting unscathed but was badly gassed when his unit was repairing a bridge after the war had ended and accidentally exploded a gas shell. By the time he returned to Australia the doctors gave him only six months to live. However, Herbert was determined to prove them wrong and believed that he would survive if only he could live in the clean air of the country. He bought a bush block in Lysterfield and set about clearing it by hand.comments Comments (0)
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  • Baileys and Mrs Alberni
    Ethel and Herbert Bailey with Mrs Francois Alberni. Photo taken in the late 1920s.comments Comments (0)
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  • Ethel Bailey
    When her husband enlisted in 1917 to fight in the Great War she was left to care by herself for their nine children. Not only did she manage that role successfully but she also developed a profitable second-hand furniture business in Elsternwick.comments Comments (0)
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  • Evelyn Greenland
    Eve Greenland (nee Bailey) who was amongst the first children to attend Lysterfield State School when it was reopened in 1922.comments Comments (0)
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  • Ethel Bailey
    Ethel Bailey was a very capable and hard-working woman who made a great contribution to the Lysterfield community.comments Comments (0)
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  • Herbert Bailey
    Although badly gassed in France Herbert survived into his 90th year.comments Comments (0)


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